Craft Decoration Embroidery

Embroidery Pattern ribbons on a napkin

This will help you create wonderful cloth with his hands. Nothing complicated, but the result will exceed all expectations.

  • the cloth,
  • braid,
  • Ribbon Organza Satin or 0.6 cm (for the flower) and Satin Ribbon 0.3 cm green (for the leaves)
  • floss.

Mark on fabric flower center and edges of petals. Sew straight stitches thread the floss around the edge of each petal.

On the wrong side of the fabric to stretch the tape on the front side, thread the needle with the ribbon under the stitch of floss.

Withdraw the needle from the tape at the center on the underside. Just sew the remaining petals.

The core embroiders French knot. Pull the needle with the tape on the front side.

The free end of the tape to wind around 2-3 times and bring the needle into the center of the needle with the tape on the underside.

Flower embroidered.

Leaves. Ribbon 0.3 cm sew a straight stitch.

With one edge straight stitch needle to withdraw from the tape on the front side and on the other side of the stitching needle back with a ribbon on the wrong side, it turns out the loop. A loop from the inside to stretch the needle with tape. Loop slightly tighten.

Make a small straight stitch. And repeat again.

Sprigs embroidered chain stitch thread floss.

As a decorated edge swipe? From inside out to sew along the edge of the braid.

To make amends for the edges at right angles.

Then, to make amends at an oblique angle.

Sew oblique angles on the reverse side. Surplus cut.

Release angles ironed. By flash napkin edge.