Craft Decoration

Easter basket of rolls of toilet paper

Today we will make Easter baskets: as always simple and available materials, quickly and effectively.

For work, we need:

  • Paper tubes from paper towels or toilet;
  • Twine;
  • Stencil knife;
  • Ruler, pencil, marker;
  • Wire;
  • Scissors;
  • PVA glue, gouache and black “metallic” (bronze, copper or gold, Sonnet, St. Petersburg) brush,

Choose a tube of suitable diameter, markup on the line, dress, align them,

draws a line along them and carefully cut the tube into parts. I got three of them.

Let’s try to do three different baskets. For the decoration of the first two, I use twine, remaining after the production of “cork zoo”.

But first, we’ll do the bottoms of our baskets. Circle our  – blank, draw rays of 1.5-2 cm in length, we cut, we shall cover, gently push palm,  “sun.” – Bottom of a form and neat ray for ray attach to the base.

For the first baskets make skirt-Papuan. Measure out a strip of construction paper, so that it is completely wrapped around the tube, plus a 0.5 cm strip width -. 1 cm longer than the height of the tube.

Mark up by 0.5 – 1 cm (as you wish), but remember: it must be an odd number of bands !!! We cut before reaching the edge of 2-3 mm. and glue the most – the very edge of the top of our baskets.

Do not confuse – bedplate is on the other side! Under one of the strands of twine and glue the tail begin to weave our basket: rim – a twine rim – on the string, and so the circle! An odd number of bars – the secret of a continuous circular weaving !!!

Want to get more convex, embossed – do not pull the paper strip, albeit slightly Faldo.

Concluding, secure cords under one of the strips of glue droplet. Samu strip gently applies on the bottom and firmly stick. One by one, applying each following the previous, CONNECT all stripes. Do not hurry –  must be flat! In appearance, it is, at this stage, resembles a closed aperture camera lens.

For the purity of the work to align and secure – a paper pasted on the bottom of a circle slightly smaller diameter.

Now let us make a handle for our baskets. Take a suitable thickness wire , a small paper  attach the tip of string to the wire, stumbled 2-3 mm. from the edge and evenly wrapped wire string. We conclude again winding paper clip.

Thin all very carefully foliates the tube wall in two places opposite each other – this is the place for attaching the handle. Insert the bare ends of the prepared puncture, drip drop on the adhesive and press down for 5 minutes clothespins. Handle on the spot!

The first basket is ready, almost …

Let’s try to draw the two remaining blanks differently: one blank string wrapped on top of about 1 / 5-1 / 4 the entire height of the rest of markup safety pins, which hold between cords snake. The third blank paper strip is completely plastered and embellished with braid-soutache “zig-zag” in several rows.

You can try to come up with their own versions: for example, cover the entire surface Soutache “zig-zag” – get a “scaly” surface. Interesting variants obtained with lace!

Now the “bloat” of – cover the black gouache tightly-tightly, with no gaps. And the outside and inside. To dissolve the coating gouache mixture of water and PVA glue in the ratio of about 1: 1.

And now, the most interesting thing convert paper baskets in metal! For aged metal effect, metallic mix gouache “gold” and “bronze” color.  2-3 layers of foam rubber plunger on the syringe – do sponge. Mix and mash gouache – metallic without water, take a sponge on a small amount of paint, blot excess, “FER” in an unnecessary piece of paper, and almost dry sponge walk on the surface of the baskets. On the convex parts remain light “metallic” luster.

It remains to fill baskets “grass” of thinly sliced baskets and are ready to become a cozy nest for Easter eggs.

You can try to use other “unnecessary”, interesting baskets can be obtained from the bobbins of a tape.