Craft Decoupage Flower making Quilling


Unusual beauty flower and tree. Watch detailed

In papers, I used paper for pastels.
I buy it in large sheets 50 * 60, then a convenience store cut into 4 pieces (25 * 30).
I cut into strips on the short side, therefore I have a non-standard length – 25 cm.

For this, I used cutting thick copy paper (120 g density seems \ m). Therefore, the length of strips varies. But it is essential not just get longer storage, the fluffy leaves flower.

Tools and materials:

  • Wooden Ruler. (Many are advised to use a metal cutting strips as often when cutting from the line to cut off thin chip. But I’m uncomfortable with iron, so you have to change the lineup on a regular basis)
  • Scissors (I prefer medium size)
  • Knife stationery
  • Pencil
  • Copper wire
  • Homemade tool for torsion
  • Thin brush for glue
  • PVA Glue (The store sells different PVA all its advantages and disadvantages, but I usually use this for quilling)
  • Silicone sealant. (Hot glue gun certainly convenient, but I do not have …)

Cut into strips.
For most flower – 3 pieces of different colors (or three, or different – as you wish)

For perianth – 4 pieces of green 0.5 cm wide

Strips cut flower as follows: (from the center to the periphery of the flower of the future)

1.5 cm – 2 cm; 2 cm – 2.5 cm; 2.5cm – 3cm. (see photo)

Merge all bars except the green in one long.
Sticking overlap.

When gluing only smear adhesive on strip 5 mm wide. This is the place that will be impacted, as will become cut fringe.

Cut fringe. We reserve 5 mm cut-proof.

Resulting fringe curl into a tight roll.
Get as pictured. Fix the glue tip.
The flower there turned groove.

Now extrude the fringe so that the tips of the fringe lie in the same plane.

Sizing hole with white glue (thick), to form holding a flower.
While the glue dries do perianth.

From 4 green bars are twisted tight roll (diameter be slightly greater than or equal to the diameter of the base of the flower).
We turn on the toothpick to the hole left in the center.

The wire is twisted by the letter Y.

Insert the wire stem in the roll.

Squeeze out the hole, as well as in the flower.
Inside you can glue PVA.
And you can not bother and go directly to step.

We fill both holes with silicone.

Merge halves, remove the excess glue.
And leave to dry completely.

When completely dry just need a little fluff flower, twisting the fringe.

Well, that’s ready to our flower.
I tried to show all as detailed as possible.
I think all this is not just described, but I hope that someone come in handy just my stuff.
Well, if someone will (or already have) to work with these colors, I will be glad if you give a link in the comments.

Examples of work:

Chrysanthemums from the fringe

We decided with his wife in this year’s gifts to do with their hands.
Gift for mother in law.

Photo without Frame

Flowers closely. Immediately I apologize for the bad photos. The sun is not, we have to use artificial light.

For each floret attached a wire, then use it to weave in bunches. Bunches were quite hefty, so struck at the base of the hole and screwed wire.

Leaves closer. Leaves silicone.

Sapling to the anniversary.

Here the volume was seen. The trunk is made of foam, followed by a layer of silicone. the soft silicone toothpick traced relief as dried pasted toilet paper, colored stain and varnish layer 2 colorless.

Pebbles in the pot comes from Anapa. Cover them with varnish, color to appear. The pot itself is not shown. What is it “no ice”.
But time does not have remake already.