Craft Decoration Flower making


Rough texture and simple weaving fabric yarns from natural fibers only emphasize the beauty of handicrafts made of burlap.

2.Wire stems

Flowers of bright strips of burlap

Cut the fabric to the width of 6-7 cm strip at the beginning of the wire to wind strips – create flower glued.

Screw a few turns of burlap, slightly easing the tension.

Folding strip of burlap, form the petals of a flower and applying to the core, attach them with glue.

Continuing to form petals and fixing them on the stem, stick them layer by layer.

Secure the end of the tape

Spread flower petals.

Likewise, to produce several colors of light burlap:

Flowers Brown burlap

Cutting the fabric into strips of width by 3 cm,

Buttons mounted on the wire stem.

“Stitching” of burlap strip wire through approximately equal intervals, spread

Gather the fabric “accordion”.

Secure with glue on burlap dragged.


Spread petals, slightly turning them around a wire – stem.

Here’s a flower turned out!

Make several of these colors:

Acrylic paint, draw the contours of a flower with several petals, for example, with five.
After the paint dries, cut flowers departing from the contour 1-2 mm, without cutting the contour lines.

On the wire strung several flowers po8-9 piece by folding them in half.

Fold the wire in half-step flowers move to the inflection point and dragged her Perevi.

Thus was formed the flower)

Spread the petals.

Also, make a few more colors.

It is necessary to form a bouquet.

Thus it is possible to make simple and showy flowers of burlap