Craft Decoration

Bottle Decoration technique Paper art

For me, this technique – just opening, be sure to try.

This is the way I became acquainted with the technique of decorative paper-ART, teach technique decoratesBOTTLE AND PICTURES. Really liked her work, and I decided to try too.  I chose flat bottles.

WARN IN ADVANCE THAT THE OPERATION laborious, requires perseverance and patience. But in terms of material costs – are relatively cheap. FOR WORK WE NEED TO BE NORMAL, Cheap paper napkins PVA glue, paints aerosol, and can LAC.

To get started, we need some WATER. Napkins sliced into strips 1.5-2 cm SLIGHTLY !!!!!!!!!!! Wetting HANDS AND TIGHT SRUCHIVAEM stripes between the palms. EVEN IF flagella and tear, do not worry. IN THE NEED TO ANY. Where thicker, thinner WHERE, HOW LONG, where short …

In the next stage torn pieces wipes MUST plastered the bottle and let it dry. This may be the first stage of your work, then flagella ..

Tell us about your mistake! I took WORK WIPES that I did not need the (remaining from decoupage) So bright colors with difficulty wipes THEN painted over. The Council therefore TAKE monochromatic. Now connect your imagination and begin to create !!!!!!!!!!!!

Smeared with glue adhesion site, turn, twist … OUR flagella at will and it defines the place. The DECOR can enable shells, natural material, beads, pasta …

IN MY CASE I use a plastic ring and pasta flowers, which secured with glue “Moment”. ALL YOUR MUST TOP curlicues generously coat with PVA.

LOOKED LIKE THIS BOTTLE AFTER WORK and drying. And then I paint over the entire bottle brush CAREFULLY BLACK acrylic, TOP SILVER Aerosol and sprinkle a little polish.

Here is the finished product. This technique can also be applied on vases, AND a flat object. WITH CHILDREN CAN MAKE A greeting card. IM ALWAYS LOVE SPIN flagella !!! ”