Craft Decoration


To create such a panel, we need all the cereals and pasta stocks that are on your kitchen shelf and boundless imagination.

In addition to the base material (cereals and  various forms), we will need:

  • Frame 21-30
  • Cardboard (can be used from a box from under sweets)
  • Scissors and ruler
  • PVA glue, glue “Moment”
  • Scotch masking
  • Paint-spray (color “gold”)
  • Paints “gouache”

To start to define a pattern, drag it onto the sheet A4.Mnozhestvo all kinds of patterns and drawings can be found on the Internet, I used the image of stained glass for “daisy”

2. Now define what kinds of cereals, we will use as components of our picture, I took a basic semolina, buckwheat, millet, rice (green-dyed “gouache”)), as well as an additional finishing thin  (dyed black) poppy and ground coffee.

3.Berem sheet with a picture and glue it to the cardboard box, so that later, after the glue has dried our job slightly warped PVA.
4. Now proceed directly to filling ours.Berem PVA glue, liberally grease a separate drawing piece and sprinkle with desired grains, shake off the excess, by this method, and further fill the whole picture.

On the contour of the leaves of daisies, I added ground coffee, noodles, painted black streaks simulates the petals on their edge of the rim, I let make. the figure to put into a press for about two days to dry completely, otherwise, it can greatly warp.
5. Now Let us . 4 strips of cardboard the width of 4 cm, add 1 cm allowance for bonding to the frame

6.Prikleivaem cardboard strip on the inside  it look like this

Teper to make glued strips denser paste of masking tape, tape layer 2-3 will be enough.

Let us 8.Dalee decorating our “newly-made”. this, choose the desired pasta shapes us, and using your boundless imagination publish. additionally used white beans, laying of flowers in her .Prikleivaem all the parts glue “moment.”

That’s happened in the end

.Krasim frame in gold color and wait for the complete drying it

10.Posledny-step insert a picture in ramku.Kartina ready.