Craft Decoration

Beautiful house from the bottle.

Approximately houses.I saw on the Internet, and his hands itch to do the same. and the material collected enough. The main thing is that a suitable .bottle wrapped a rope (the rope are still twine called) she looks not very good, but the house just.

roof used paint brushes. Glued directly on the neck. It is certainly possible to make so that the bottle is opened ie the roof was raised. But I decided to glue.

the basis under the bottle, wicker vase.

this is my door. long thought of what to do, straw at hand was not, but was again wicker vase from which I cut the bottom and made the door.

to use a wooden fence vase.

cut half, we got a nice fence.

Bottle base wrapped the cord.

Two birds made a nest on the roof. Birds purchased.

of straw hats made from toys balcony. (Hat cut in half)

and planted vines on the balcony.

box made of cardboard and fabric. The edges of pasted tape.

and decorate the house with flowers and fruit.

the roof can be stuck a couple of insects.