Craft Embroidery

Bath mat made of felt with a handmade embroidery

Of course, for a bath mat made of felt with embroidery handmade – it is not necessary for the economy thing, but such a cozy and creative! In this article, I will share this unusual idea – how to make a nice carpet of felt with their hands in style

 Materials and tools

  • A piece of thick felt or felt chilled
  • Woolen threads
  • Easy needle
  • Paper printed with a simple pattern for embroidery
  • Ruler, eraser, pencil

Step 1. We draw a grid on the felt
mesh (canvas) on a felt rug sauna is needed in order to get a smooth and embroidery trim. For his master class, I took a piece of plain white felt, without a pattern and lines, but you can use any color. For example, you can take a black felt – and contrasting thread to embroider any pattern.
On the front side note every 3 cm and spend barely visible line.

Tip: It is best to use a normal simple pencil, which will then be easy to erase eraser. Tailor soap is much more difficult to remove from the surface of the pile rug next to the bath and sauna – it is necessary to fully wash before use.

Fact: I do not particularly like to embroider, and therefore chose exaggerated ornament large, and thread took very thick. At the end of the master class, it became clear that the step 3 cm thick for my thread was huge – much more correct to do a stitch of 2 × 2 cm and at the same time to take the more voluminous thread. Because of my advice – try on by applying a simple thread with which to mark a future step outline: Do not tie the knot two lines instead of one.

Step 2: Starting the embroidery
is very important to strictly observe the drawing with the sketch, which is necessary to prepare in advance (you can find a chart on the Internet or come up with your own). Squares are counted and one by one they cover the surface of the felt. The process is long, meditative, and pleasant, but it’s worth a lot of patience!

Step 3: We embroider
I start from the top, then moved to the center of the picture. I picked up the thread of the same color at once, at one time, embroider many crosses in this color. Then the thread is changing. On the underside I leave long tails, that’ll take care of later. Such a pleasant experience will come in handy a cup of tea and a nice movie, for example.

Step 4: Fix thread tails
When the drawing is ready, flip the mat for the bath with their own hands and to tie knots from the tails to the strings will not run away.

Step 5. Cut the excess
and make sure that embroidery firmly. We plan to actively use the mat of felt and would be a shame if the embroidery after the first wash.

Our mat is ready!
This cozy, nice, very homey. Although this mat has already found its place in the daughter’s room, in her crib, and very happy all households. It can be easily washed in a washing machine in a delicate washing operation. Do not be afraid to experiment!