Craft Weaving


decided to make one more feat and try his hand in a wicker basket.

Inventing the most simplified version, taking this foam, toothpicks, string and glue gun.

Cut two circles, an arbitrary size, foam, and paper.

Paper circle used as a template to mark. To sit with a ruler and not the exact distance between the points, turn the paper circle several times. I note the point at the end of each bend. Done.

According to the pattern already in the foam circle point. Gently and quickly

At the bottom of the bottom of wound cords, fastening adhesive.

Completely filling the lower part, the work flip. The end of the twine is left. Another segment filled the bottom of the upper part, before reaching the edge of about 0.5-0.7 cm. Then I stick to the planned point of a toothpick, pre-lubricated with glue. Toothpicks should always be an odd number. But the pattern of turns is even, so added another midway between any two.

I continue to wound the twine that goes from the bottom of the bottoms, twisting between the sticks.

I try harder not to pull the twine with coiling. With the other hand with the help of sticks (pens, pencils) sealing cord coils.

On the sharp tips of glued wooden beads, thereby also securing the last round of twine.

Low baskets decorated with this unpretentious pattern.