Craft Knitting


Drawing technique called thread. Thread as well as paint marker, the line need only be glued to the base.

Take a very dense piece of cardboard, or, even better, fiberboard sheet and put on his drawing our future cat.
Pick up the thread. We attach particular importance to the future work of colors. Threads can use any: the remnants of yarn for knitting be fine, the acrylic thread of bright colors is very well suited, the floss will also work with a few additions, as long as the thread was about the same thickness.
For starters, do not use threads with rough structure. Curly or too hairy yarns can give remarkable effects, but more difficult to work with them.

When the thread is selected, take the glue, scissors, and a toothpick – it is our simple tool.
The glue I use the building for gluing foam moldings.
You can use any polymer waterproof glue, they are many types, and I advise you to choose a less odorous.
If you do pussy with small children, you should carefully read the instructions for airing the room in your selected bottle of glue.

Clay smear a line on a cardboard, for spreading a thin layer of glue use a toothpick, or any thin stick. Brush this is not necessary. In the future, spread glue sticks handy in hard to reach places between the bonded threads.
On the wet adhesive glue thread. Presses her fingers slowly, displaying a drawing. The end of the thread is cut off with scissors after a place where sharp twist yarn impossible, or when you need a different color.

First, sticking the contour of a large pattern, then fill the space inside. And vice versa for small parts, first inside, then the contour.

When we are sticking part cat, we are sure that it will be exactly the same color, as we have decided. But if we do after the label decided that it should be a different color, and this color does not suit her, here we thank the creators of laminated cardboard or fiberboard, which we took as a basis

Let’s see how I did the red tab in the middle of an orange. With a knife, I cut the paper to the desired contour of the surface, the color of which I wish to change, and I separate it from working together with the top layer of paper. And in this place glue thread other desired color. In this work, so I have changed not only the color of the language but also the color of faces pussy. This operation can be repeated several times until the cardboard layer does not become thin.

Glue glues we firmly hold up well without the top layer of paper does not come off. On the other hand, and the further exploitation of the work it can be vacuumed, wash with a damp sponge and soap, and not be afraid that the thread will fly.

When we do the work the edge, it is not necessary to trim each string separately. This does not save much material. You can display the thread outside of work and then cut the whole line at once. This hairy edge of our work is easy to hide in the box under the prints.

And finally, a little secret: if the finished work to steam iron through a damp cloth, cheesecloth, then thread nestle together and will look smoother.
Good luck in the works!