Craft Decoration Quilling

Painting in the technique of quilling with flowers

Crafts in the technique of quilling are very fascinating and simple in its execution. They can be simple and easy to do with children. In this master class with step by step photos, you will learn how to make a picture of spring flower in quilling techniques with their own hands.

What would make a beautiful picture in the technique of quilling with flowers, we need:

– Colored office A4 sheets of paper;
– PVA glue;
– Scissors;
– Brush;
– Toothpick or pin from the handle;
– Stationery knife.

Getting to the manufacturer of crafts:

1) Pre-cut into strips for the quilling three colors. The most convenient way to do this with the help of office. The bands are obtained smooth and neat. But be careful not to cut yourself.

Curl-free rolls in different colors

2) Spread on color table examples which will glue, they can be completely arbitrary.

You can take ideas on the Internet or come by yourself. We have five colors – two orange, two blue and one red.

3) Formation of a picture. Take the surface to which will paste flowers. You can make a frame from an ordinary drawing paper or white paper. Glue the corner part of the first blue flower with an orange at the center, a good coat with glue and leave it to dry.

In the opposite corner of glue orange flower.

Midway between them forms the red, and just below the blue and orange flower.

And green strips glued to the stems of the flowers. This work is very laborious since the thickness of the paper strips is very small. Next, we produce flowers and leaves to glue to the picture.

Take the green paper, which is lighter than that of which we have been doing stem and petals and curl of her free rolls. Subsequently, of which we do grass. This must be done carefully so as to fill all the surface of the bottom of the picture.

Good picture and carefully coat with glue and leave to dry. That’s all in the technique of quilling pattern with flowers ready.

Today, in this master class, you learned how to make a picture of flowers, using the technique of quilling. This picture can decorate your home and please the guests.