Craft Decoration

How to make a cactus with his hands out of corrugated paper and plasticine

Long time I did not show crafts for kids, and finally thought of this section. I’ll tell you how to make a cactus with his hands out of corrugated paper and plasticine. In manufacturing we are using this homemade children’s materials is clay and corrugated paper. Just need a rope, scissors, and a thin wooden stick. This hack takes a lot of time, approximately 20 minutes – 30. For children a little more.

All the material along with the tools to prepare in advance.

Now you need to dazzle the cactus from plasticine, which rose flower. A pot of blue cactus himself yellow-green mixed color, and red flower.

Take the blue ribbon of corrugated paper and pulls it into the plasticine pot, which is the same color.

The first part of the cactus we wrapped in corrugated paper from the clay, left two of the most complex.

Take the green paper and cut into squares, not too big, to the eye. If rectangles are obtained, then it does not matter.

Now, from the squares do triangles, cut them diagonally.

Next, you need to prepare each rectangle to use. To do this, take a wooden stick and push the end of the middle of the triangle, as well as bend the edges of the wrapping paper around the stick. So we attach the form blank.

And without removing the triangle with sticks insert it in the green part of plasticine cactus.

So do lines, starting from the bottom.

Here is an intermediate result, the cactus will lush and colorful. Red flower spikes surrounding green paper.

When the green body is completely made of cactus we begin to flower. In the beginning, you need to create yellow petals around a flower. Cut here is blank, like the petals of a sunflower.

Neatly paste them around the red clay.

Similarly, the green squares cut out red. But we do not have the triangles, then we do not need the spikes, but on the contrary, the density of the blanks of corrugated paper red.

We make the final stage. He is the most difficult. Gently insert the paper into flower out of plasticine, which he had not disappeared.

Here is the hack in the final version.

On the blue paper, we tie a rope to the beauty.

Now you know how to make a cactus with his hands out of corrugated paper and plasticine. Successful exclusive handicrafts.