Craft Quilling

Easter eggs quilling how to make their own hands

We recently made a quilling heart, as well as a dog about the same style, now I’ll show you how to make Easter eggs with their hand’s quilling. This holiday has long passed, but learn never too late, especially in the next year it will be true.
For this crafts, you will definitely need the ability to start to do something in quilling style.

We need a set that’s just such strips 20 cm long and 0.5 cm wide.

The meaning of crafts is to create multiple rolls to create an Easter egg, ie you take the strips and twisting them together, once need to stick with white glue and wrap the next strip. Rolls should be very dense, it is important. What would you have focused for one roll must be somewhere in 50 bands. Do not forget to play with colors and their combination.

These are the type of twisted rolls of colored paper strips.

Take for example here is the combination of colors and try to make these Cigarette egg quilling. Take for example the left-hand side and look at it carefully, there was spent here so many strips of paper, starting from the middle, 8 strips of red, 9 white stripes, orange 10, 11 again, white, 12 yellow, 13 white and 13 again green.

Be sure! It is important that the size of the rolls would be the same because they do not get them at the end of glue.

Press down on the middle and slowly make a convex portion, it is desirable to do to the upper part was more pointed, then it will be a real form of eggs.

Do not form very quickly, slowly strips need to move, or if the roll will collapse his already not correct and will have to do the other.

So two look inside.

Take PVA glue and glue the two pieces, try what they would each other tight. Clay pour more than that to keep a good glue and impregnated paper.

By Easter, egg decoration can be stuck in the form of a butterfly.
That’s not hard to do the crafts, having a course at least basic skills quilling.