Craft Decoration

Crafts from watermelon seeds with their hands

When you buy a watermelon in the summer, you eat it, then remain watermelon seeds, here’s one you can make beautiful crafts with their hands. Of course this kind of homemade too diverse, not much you can think of, but if you’re bored, you can distract yourself and do an exclusive thing. Bones for any crafts should dry as wet they are very sticky.
Now I’ll show you how from watermelon seed can be the wonderful and beautiful box, or rather decorate it with them. Inside the box, you can store anything you want it or decorate their unusual and perfect interior. In any case, you will make an exclusive thing.

That’s what we need for the crafts of watermelon seeds with their hands:

– Boll, I took the plastic. – Varnish, gold color. – Clay time. – Watermelon seeds. – A piece of fabric. – The thread with a needle.

We prepare the necessary components for our unique crafts. As has been written before the bones from the watermelon should be dried.

Now take a moment and smear glue on a small jar of it, right on the surface. Then one bone to cleave the adhesive, it is desirable to distribute them evenly at the same distance.

So across the bank to cover the bones lay in a circular manner, that would be nice.

Following take not a natural material and fabric. Cut out of her beautiful figure, stars or flowers.

Try to make them beautiful. This element of the trailer, we decorated the top of the jar.

In the middle of the pour a little more glue and attach to fabric decoration.

Take a can of gold-colored paint and paint the whole crafts. Together with fabric decoration.

Here and ready to hack out watermelon seeds.