Craft Decoration Flower making Quilling


Side view.

Flowers closely.

Work on gathering silikon.

“How fast shear” teeth “and make “.
Take 1 sheet of paper, folded along.

Once again along.

The last turns of the strip .Shirina 2.5 cm.

Cut the fold

And just 8 pieces set!

Because so many pieces I made one . them one after the other: 1 yellow, purple and green 6.

Screw, periodically spreading glue.

hen turn down the center of his fingers.

Then tighten up the scissors to the center.

Side view.

Tip: To get the back straight, the yellow strip, I Screw on the needle, and then all rukami.Roll then turns denser.

Changed the green strip on a lush grass. The flower aster below lush sepal.

That purple , they are ready for placement in the basket.

And zhёltenkie also ready.

in the form of TC on manufacturing listikov.Esli something is not clear write.

Basket on a basket fone.Pobodnuyu saw Ina in her blog in July rabote.Ochen she sunk into my soul, and that’s done in his own way.

Work ready!

Oh, like a bouquet of asking in a round picture frame! But no!

It will live long in this!