Craft Quilling


Ngoc Anh was very interested in art Quilling because it was great, just the small vertical long colorful paper you can roll into the small details and then assembled into any shape what you love: Pictures flowers, leaves, beautiful dresses, dancing girls soft, butterfly, … very much more.

The diversity and richness of it make me feel passionate, this done would I want to do another picture. What have you been a fan of his seed Quilling not, this is very interesting that home.

If you want to make beautiful and complex patterns, see through all the basic Quilling before offline. See you can complete the details desired rolls to assemble into a complete product. Quilling cards do not difficult but require a meticulous and tenacious, you will have a beautiful product.

Today, the same Ngoc Anh you try out some way Quilling greeting card to give to your loved ones offline. 


See detailed way




– Paper cover: white, red, dark pink, light pink business card

– Bows or red ribbons

– Acacia milk, compass, pens, rulers, scissors


Step 1: The Twisted Rose

– Use a red paper cut into circles

– Draw and cut a circle into a spiral

– Scroll round flowers from outside to spiral and glued back


Step 2: 

– The other flowers do the same but with many different large and small sizes.


Step 3:

– Cut a square white cover plate on the front of the card background

– Use a pencil drawing a heart shape on the front of the card

– Stick to the small flowers alternating closed just drew a heart


Instructions on how to make beautiful cards Quilling

Step 4: Decorate

– Cut the red cover into rectangles and doubled back to make cards

– Paste a white piece of cardboard heart-shaped flower has posted up on the front of the card

– To the lovely cards and more momentum tune you paste to add a red bow on the bottom left a corner of the card and a horizontal strip of white paper underneath.


At this point, the card has been completed, but it was pretty simple is not it.




– Paper Quilling rolls: Multiple colors

– Kim scrolls Quilling

– Paper cover makes cards

– Frame and locator Quilling

– Small Mold (Mini Mold)

– Mold roll (border buddy)

– Other Tools: Scissors, glue or glue candles milk


Step 1: 

– Scroll pink paper strips in the mold roll (border buddy): First you place one strip of paper on top of the mold head and started investigation into the milk glue strips


– Fiber paper curl more rings to full length, then glued back-end fiber paper from slipping out, glue dry, then remove it you will be around much like the paper round


– Get the index finger and thumb to squeeze one end shaped pointy petals


Instructions on how to make beautiful cards Quilling

Step 2: 

– Take a strip of a white paper scroll rolled metal into the mold and let it set loose a little and pulled out first and then paste paper strips from slipping, first hand a sharp squeeze.

– Attach the white petals and pink wings with glue milk


Step 3: 

– Twisted pink paper fibers into the shape “S” adjacent the entrance to the space sealed between pink petals and small white wings.


– Paste medium pink paper yarn S-shaped coil in tight on the space between the petals.


Step 4: 

– Curl into a white metal fiber roll baby, then swept to the outside a paper fiber pink stamens


– Scroll add another 2 round pink stamens do


Quilling how beautiful cards

Step 5: 

– Put a flower-shaped petals and stamens stickers on


Step 6: 

– Use small molds for rolling back the blue strip of paper-like petals that step 1 roll

– Next, to form the leaves, you simply squeeze the 2 top travel tip is to be


Step 7: 

– Use a strip of blue paper type long double head back and add 2 medium green folded paper fibers bound together with glue. Making green paper fiber to 3 more than doubled so


– Paste 2 of 4 early last strands overlap and double needle head roll 1 4 fiber glued paper medium, the other end will bulge out as shown below


Quilling lam coach don gain this

– The 2 pictures so you do then paste together


Step 8: 

– Attach the leaves together with glue


Step 9:

– Ratings tentatively flowers and leaves onto the front of the card and then fixed with glue


A delicate and beautiful greeting card sparkling and this has been completed, in order to do it, then you try to elaborate a little perseverance and will succeed only.


Form 3 is a heart tree cards are beautiful and romantic. This form of a gift to the person you love showing your interest ch0 him.


– Paper quilling: The pink and black

– Kim rolls

– Glue: Glue or glue milk candles are


Step 1: Create a trunk

– Cut the white paper business card hardcover

– Glue for bending the black strip of paper Quilling create the curvature, the curved strips of paper you almost like hooks and paste fixed to the front of the card



Quilling their coach lam dep

Step 2: Create spike 

– Continue using the paper along with black-rimmed curved scissors and paste into similar soft twigs hook.

– Paste the pink band with a similar way but to form a heart.


Step 3: 

– Scroll strips of dark pink and light pink spiral Quilling in a circle to the end strip of paper and placed into the mold to draw it out a little liquid is removed and glued to the terminal strips. So many strips of the paper roll enough to seal the inside of the heart on the tree.



Step 4: 

– Paste the black paper strip sealed off the trunk

– Paste the spiral circle has closed all rolled pink heart on the tree is finished. You’ve accomplished a heart postcard beautiful plants and products that then here:)


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