Craft Decoration

Tree with news paper tubes


The materials needed for the manufacture of articles from the newspaper tubes: Any, you do not need the newspaper, 7 double sheets; PVA glue, white gouache, varnish, preferably dark and brush to it, and 3 hours of your precious time.

1. To start up loans perform tubes, they will have about 30 pieces.
2. Then take 15 pieces of tubes and connect them with a thread and paper stripes.



3. Now start winding tree trunk tube in a spiral until you reach the desired height, we, at the same time gently lubricates the tube PVA. If the ducts are not enough – do not be afraid to add.


4. Well, now we have to simulate a real live tree: for that share our trunk for 2 rough parts and alternately wrapped each of them.


5. By analogy, divide each of the branches and wrapped them with additional tubes as in all branches as a result do not get one tube



6. The last branch should be cut to a certain length (10 to 15 cm.) And make the semblance of “curls”.


7. Several times to wind the lower part of the tubes, in order to ensure greater stability of the trunk.


8. If in the process you will notice that the text of the newspaper stands, then cover with paper white gouache, mixed with PVA glue.


9. Apply the varnish and appreciate your work!