Scourge vase of pine needles

I do not know for you, but for me weaving pine needles – discovery. I suggest getting acquainted with this kind of creativity.



Workshop on weaving vases of pine needles

Frozen branches brought it into the room and waited until all thawed and needle free from ice and snow, a little dried out. Then “pluck” all the branches. With the needles should be removed, “hats” – ends on the needles, they are attached to the branches. At MK the Internet using the old, fallen needles that are boiled and the ends removed with a napkin. I had a “live” and I just cut the ends with scissors. It is important to immediately lay cut needle in one direction.

Needles ready. Prepare tools – scissors, a needle with a large eye, a knife; of the material – a strong thread. Let’s start!



Let’s start with the bottoms. A bunch of needles (5-10sht) tightly wrapped thread 5-8sm (depending on what size you make the product), the end of the thread in the needle and ┬ástart flashing needle bundle threading the needle with the inner side of the beam (to themselves). For convenience, needles to the beam were always the same thickness, use the “yardstick”. I took it out of the used ball-point pen, cut the tube. Then just a few needles are inserted into a tube with sharp ends. The beam should always be the same thickness.


When you will perfectly sew together the desired number of rows, then gradually move on to the walls. Subsequent rows of little sewn slightly shifted. The protruding ends of the needles then cropped scissors. It is important when sewing row, pass through the thread between the thread of the previous row, “hook” for the series. If not, then thread the needle slides along the smooth surface of the bundle.


So gradually, row by row, “sew” the walls of our future vases. It is important to learn how to perform a stitch! I’m still not very good, though I try. Everywhere in the skill needed!


We reach the top edge, and stop adding to the yardstick needles. Gradually beam decreases, and we thread anchoring edge products. It is necessary to sew several times on the edge.

This is my vase turned. She was the first, and so many “flaws”. There is still a lot to learn from the masters. To work with such material is very pleasant – the smell, as in Phyto-bar! All the work is not done in one day, the needles dry up and so they steamed in hot water and dried before each operation.