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In this room, a lot of daisies and denim items. With the onset of summer, there is a need to block a window from the bright sun and do it too than any jeans, such as blinds or roman shades. Rude …

Well, I have a big stake in a daisy on the ceiling, even on the window I will chamomile, and in the background is my rough denim blinds, which, besides a little turned. Then I show you when to alter.
But here it is, my daisy field …
From the beginning, I hung up the curtain rod and hinges. A number of daisies horizontally, defines the width of the product, the number of loops equal to the number of daisies.


1. Yarn “Iris” yellow and white
2 crochet hook 2.0mm


Inflorescence – yellow mid-:
Yarn “Iris” yellow knit chain of about 5 stitches and to close in the ring;


1st row: Knit Pro 8 bars without nada;
2- row: Knit Pro 8 bars without nada;
3rd row: Knit Pro 16 bars without nada;
4th row: Knit Pro 16 bars without nada;
5th row: Knit Pro 32 bars without nada;
6th row: Knit Pro 32 bars without nada.
Finish knitting, tighten and cut the thread.

4Here’s an  I turned. No! Properly speaking, “inflorescence”

There can do a lot.
The number equals the number of chamomile inflorescence in the product. I tied as daisies as the loops on the ledge and connect them with each other. How? It will be described later. Then the blank product was hung on the cornice. So to me it was more convenient to attach new chamomile to the product for that would not get confused and find their way along the length of articles on weight.


Yarn “Iris” white petals knit as follows:
Thread the hook in the loop on the inflorescence, throw on it and drag the white thread into a loop. Air loop is formed. The tip of a white thread can be masked in the knitting, that would not tie any knots or knitting and do not dissolve.


About knit chain of 10 loops of air, 10th hanging on the hook;


About knit a column with nada. Insert the hook in the third loop from the hook. Total knit 8 columns with nada.  to inflorescences.


Knitting reached inflorescences. The result was a semi petal.
Putting the floor with petal inflorescence on the third loop from the junction of white thread with inflorescence.


Eagle Eye has remained one air loop. More about knit 8 stitches, just a chain of loops of 9, 9th hanging on a hook.
Connect a chain of air loops with a petal in the floor at the point of the petal floor.
Eagle Eye is it the air loop.
Then knit 8 bars along the chain in nakida, just as was done with the knitting of the first floor of the petal.


Knitting has reached the second floor and inflorescence petal must be connected to the inflorescence. as well as the first one – get one petal light and airy.
Petal ready.
The second petal fit well. The interval between the petals on the inflorescence is one loop. A total of one inflorescence should have 8 petals.


Chamomile is ready. Knitting ends. The thread is cut.
Here’s a daisy, “Do you like – not like” we get.


Connection finished daisies in one product.
Width my curtains equal to the number of hooks and the daisies, so I tied 16 daisies and laid them on the table, that would be one petal looked clearly upward.
To connect the daisies, you need to take a separate uteruses yarn “Iris” in white.

Drag the thread in the extreme (highest) loop of the left lobe of the very first in a series of a daisy.


About knit along the edge of the petals until the junction with the next lobe according to the drawing.


Successively attaching the pitch and the length and width according to the drawing.



Further, all steps are repeated until the end of the article.
The thread for the connection is not cut off. It will remain on the product until the end of the connection of all the elements.
The product can be hung onto the ledge and continue to combine chamomile already hanging on the product.
Little daisies can be knit in any place, even on the road, and then connect them with the main product.


Once the product is ready, and all the elements are attached, the connection string must be secured and trim. Starch product and to iron each and every daisy petal.


As I said, every Daisy hangs on your own hook.


This shade is perfect in the Babe interior room for girls, on the veranda of a country house. And even for a teenager in a hippie style, if denim items are in addition to the daisies in the interior of the room, for example, the Roman shade of denim and denim blanket on the sofa or bed.


Well, certainly a panoramic photo of the whole room.

Thank you all and hope you liked my chamomile, and my way of manufacturing was clear and easy to understand.