Craft Decoration

Create a photo frame “Confectioner”

Today I would like to tell, and most importantly show how relatively simple parts collected in the n-th amount together can create a style and transform ordinary things. Create a photo frame “Confectioner”.


designed for about 3 hours most of the time that will be spent on the creation of a large number of identical parts in shape.

So, we need:


– Finished wooden photo frame light color (I A5 format 14h22 see on the inside.);
– Polymer clay (if you make the transition from frame color, 2 colors (I have brown and white));
– Acrylic paint a base color of polymer clay (brown);
– Any glue “second” (the principle of action in all the same, proven by me – “Moment” normal liquid, “Moment-gel” super-glue “Power”);
– Acrylic rolling pin (alternatively, you can take the glass flat glass);
– Thick blade for stationery knives (for cutting the clay, for removal from the working surface of the rolled clay);
– Brush (for applying acrylic paint);
– Toothpicks (for baking products made of clay);
– Foil for baking (baking products made of clay);
– Pencil;
– Line;
– A glass or cutter (diameter = 4.5 cm).


2. Getting started with the first color (if you do a frame with the color transition). Good stretch our hands in the clay, so that it becomes very plastic, roll into a ball.
Note: it is possible to work with gloves and, in this case, I work without them, as a result of fingerprint remains basically the reverse side parts.


3. Roll out not too thin, so that when flexing the reservoir to receive future does not break the line and smooth the folds.


4. Roll out, take a glass (or cutter) and cut circles.





5. If the clay after rolling heavily stuck to the surface, cut off its blade like this.
Note: It is better to have in reserve board for modeling or very flat table, although it is not always a guarantee that the clay at this pressure will not stick.





8. We try to pull up to the middle, the inner folds and outer do more voluminous and rounded.


9. Below leave a little leg for convenience when baking. We plant our flower on a toothpick and put in the foil.
Note: do not leave large leg, since this material is subsequently ejected.




10. When you make a few flowers, think for their average size, and then calculate the approximate number of flowers on each side of our picture frames (the whole picture frame I got 36 pieces).



11. When done with one color (if you do a frame with color shift), you can proceed to the next, that is, in the main color gradually involve white. These are the colors turned out at me.
Note: I advise you to go from dark to white, white to work in the end and make sure to wipe all the tools and the work surface, so as not to stain color.


12. We send our products to be baked according to package instructions.


13. While our flowers are baked, let’s do a photo frame. Remove the packaging from the frame glass, paper and cardboard basis.
Note: buy photo frames lighter colors as they paint a better lie, the color will be purer.


14. Take an ordinary acrylic paint in the color of our clay and paint the frame of the photo frame on all sides.


15. Subject to dry out, turn to the already baked detail. Blade to cut the base is the same leg on which to bake our flowers.


16. Notes to the Statement mid-stained frame and begin to stick our flowers from the middle of the long side to its edges. A couple of drops of glue and short pressing of parts to the frame securely consolidate our flowers on the tree.
Note: The photo frame is better to take a more smooth surface, you can take plastic. If our items difficult to stick with a smooth cut to a rounded frame, you can make double cuts the letter V in the center of the flower, then the bonding area will be larger.



18. Done! All items on the site, everything is kept nice, you can insert back glass, paper and cardboard basis.


Here ready photo frame in different colors: