Transform large floor lamp, very simple

Buy a floor lamp, to buy time to think very pretty, but came home walls are white, the light is white, does not seem a good fit, but family members said like a white lantern thought for a moment, if the lights transform look, not white do not like it, I can add a little decoration up ah, ha ha, find yourself really smart Oh, not very lucky, that I do not use, but they are like oh, how to do it? So come up with non-woven, cut different colors, different sizes of flower down. Then flowers attached to the top large flowers, piled up color contrast is more vehement, and oh more lovely flower are ready with a glass glue evenly attached to the shade above the line soon, new look there, wow, good cute ah done, though not perfect, but it is unique Oh, is their labor, and I put it on the tatami, the results were good, ha ha, but also to continue to carry forward the spirit of DIY oh