Flower making

Hydrangea in the Japanese style


Good, time of day! I bring to your attention a master class on making a simple to make, but very showy brooches. So,

We need any loose, soft fabric (silk, cotton, slim jeans, fine wool), green cloth of leaves, 19 beads, sewing thread, a little padding polyester, buckle for brooches.
1. Cut the cardboard circle diameter of 4cm. I used for this bottom of a coffee cup.


2. Take a suitable fabric of 30 x 30 cm. The contours of the circle on the wrong side of tkani19 times at a distance of 5 mm from each other. The first draw out a circle in the center of the fabric, and then do a second series of circles, then the third row. Circles sure to enumerate, so you do not get confused.



3. We start to flash our circles. Circle number 1 sews small “basting” stitch on the wrong side, then pulls the thread and fasten. Threads are not cut off! On the front side of the fabric forms a “bubble”.


4. Now enter the needle on the wrong side on the front side and intercept the “bubble” one stitch, tight contractible. Again introduce the needle with the wrong side on the front strontium and intercept the “bubble” second stitch, crisscrossing it with the first. Contractible yarn, anchoring on the reverse side, insert the needle into the center of the resulting flower, sew beads. The thread is not cut off!


5. In the same way, we make out the remaining 18 circles. Ideally, of course, the whole flower (all 19 circles) need to sew a single thread. But, I did not work – too long thread starts to flounder. In the process, I have devised a little trick – a needle thread is not too long (to change it three or four times for all time), but! each time beginning with a new sewing thread, a needle stuck in a place where before this thread ended. Thus, the relationship between all 19 flowers will not be interrupted and they I did not fall apart).


6. When you arrange the 19 circles in flowers, you need to cut the excess fabric, leaving around the inflorescence of about 2.5 cm on the allowances.


7. At a distance of 5 mm from the edge of the fabric  thread, pulls together, leaving a hole.


8. A hole fills our flower slightly synthetic padding. Then we contract the hole and fasten.


9. Take two squares of green tissue:. 12 x 12 cm and 8 x 8 cm Each box we put on the diagonal. The resulting triangle folds in half. Upcoming sections of the triangle taken together  on a thread and tighten. Cut a circle with a diameter of 5 cm from the green fabric.


10. Leaflets are fixed on the back of the hydrangea. On top of the circle sew a hidden seam by tucking the edges inward. We sew the pin for brooches.


All our hydrangea ready!) This brooch can be decorated with a jacket, a dress bag. And you can use this flower as a hairpin. Or in some other way. In general, create, dream! Happy sewing!)))