Create a gift to a special day in a hurry

Autumn leaves – a real godsend for creative exploration! 🙂 Of these, make decorative wreaths, pendants, decorated with candlesticks, make bouquets. Total does not count! Once, walking with her son in the autumn park, I got the idea to make with the help of maple leaves original painted panels.

This workshop is designed primarily for beginners to the point of the painting. I’m very detailed and describe in detail each step. Also in the creation of a panel can participate and children 🙂


Materials and tools:

– Wooden frame with glass 21 * 15 cm;

– Dried maple leaves;

– Circuits on glass and ceramics Decola (gold and bronze);

– Gel for creating pearls Perlen Pen;

– The gel to create a glass effect Viva Decor;

– Acrylic paint (you can use any);

– Acrylic Pearl Enamel VGT color of gold (suitable either acrylic gold paint);

– An ordinary adhesive tape and double-sided;

– A pair of scissors;

– Brush;

– Thin awl (needle);

– Wipes and cotton buds;

– Sketch with a pattern;

– Scrap paper (cardboard you can use any dark color).


Cut the scrap paper rectangle which coincides in size with the frame with glass (21 * 15 cm). This – the background. The dark color is chosen intentionally since it effectively looked golden patterns.


Freeze dried leaves will be using double-sided tape:


Glue the back of the maple leaf strip double-sided tape and gently fix the sheet on the background substrate.


Long cuttings sheets cut off with scissors.


Placed under the operation sheet of paper, and the top covered with glass, which we pre-wiped and grease (can be a means for washing of glasses). Glass anchoring the corners conventional adhesive tape.


Before proceeding to the spot painting, I would like to suggest the following. When working with the contours need to be next to a napkin, a long needle, and cotton swabs. Napkins, we now and then wipe the nozzle contour, check how evenly the paint comes out of it. If the nozzle is clogged, I use a long needle. Cotton buds need to carefully remove the blot or other “blooper” from the glass. But first things first!


So, gold contour line draws out a leaf.


A bronze – the second sheet. The very coloring of leaves suggested to me the idea (one sheet of light color, and the other – darker).


Detaches adhesive tape, remove the glass. Here’s what happened:


First, we will paint the “gold” paper. We enclose a sketch with glass so liked pattern to pattern is well situated within the drawn contour sheet.


Getting to the point of the painting. Fill the space points within the sheet. Tip for beginners: to painting looked interesting and smart, use the following “chips”:

– Ordinary point:


– Swirls and squiggles:


– Wavy lines:


– Elongated-point drop (you need to thin awl):


– A smooth change in the size of points:


– The use of different color paintings (bronze):


– Addition of the “pearls” (gel to create pearls Perlen Pen):


I will add a few words about correcting errors. If you do not get a point or a droplet, everything can be fixed, hooked badly embossed paint with a cotton swab. However, if there, is located a close pattern, it is likely that you can catch him and then you have to have to restore a large area of work. In this case, you need to wait a bit. After 10-15 min. paint hardens, and it can be easily brushed off a needle or awl.

So the first piece of painted! Here is the result:


We proceed similarly to the second leaf. To select it in the painting will be used mostly bronze color. Also, as in the first case, the substitute pattern under the glass so that it is ideally located within the drawn sheet. The principle of the painting is the same: the alternation of dots of different sizes, elegant elongated droplets, wavy lines, and squiggles.


Two leaves, bronze, and gold are fully prepared! Set aside the glass aside to dry.


Zaymёmsya wooden frame. I decided to paint it in gold color. But first, you need to wipe all the sandpaper roughness and “Splinter”. He participated in gilt enamel pearl VGT (purchased at the hardware store), but you can use acrylic paint gold of any firm.


To frame in harmony with painted maple leaves, decorate dots and her:


After hardening points (a few hours), the frame may be coated with varnish. Luck also need to “grab”. Withstands the time specified in the instructions.


A solemn moment! We are putting our panels into a single unit!


You can add the (wishes to) scattering of small “drops” using a gel to create a glass effect.


The finished result! The original, in autumn charming and mysterious panels with fancy maple leaves! The real! 😉


I should add that in the work directly participated and my son! From collecting and harvesting leaves to tips on how to how to represent the color of everything 🙂

Be creative with the children, create good and beautiful!