Recycled products

Turtle with Bottle Pet

Their recycling can be more fun with this turtle with pet bottle plus very friendly even reuses recyclable materials you already have at home and make the joy of children very easily.


To make these pieces so much fun you will need: pet bottle; scissors; line embroidery or thick wire with the color of your choice; needle embroidery; Common button with the same color of the selected tape; a piece of carpet emborracha 30 x 30 cm (thick or EVA, which is cheaper, the same ribbon color you chose); black permanent marker; hand needle; sewing thread; sequins, coins or precious stones of your choice; and turtle mold (image below).


Start by downloading the turtle template for EVA chosen and cutting the pet bottle background.


Then once you are consistent with the size with the size of the bottle, cut EVA in Turtle format.


Soon after, with the help of needle embroidery and line to staff, you will fix the bottom of the plastic bottle in EVA turtle. For this you must pass the needle with the thread through the bottom of the bottle, in the crevices, sticking EVA and giving points.


Now, with the help of hand needle and sewing thread, attach the button on top of the wires, tying them all together. Make the Turtle detail, face and details on the paws, with the help of black permanent marker and make a small cut and the central part of EVA.


Then to finish your piece, you must place inside the turtle through the cut made earlier, the items you want, such as coins, jewels, stones or sequins. And you are done!