Spoon newspaper tubes – pretty simple and economical hack that even a beginner will master in weaving from the newspapers! Depending on the design it is possible to use a spoon as a souvenir or a normal ward. We hope that this master class you will enjoy. Go!


MATERIALS: newspaper tube Glass, cream or something else suitable in diameter, PVA glue, Acrylic paint, gouache color or brush, elements of decor, Glue gun , point Pins, Wire

STAGES OF MANUFACTURE OF SPOONS NEWSPAPER TUBES: For the manufacture of spoons, we need to prepare the first frame. Take a long straw, if not, then connect the two short tubes by placing the tip of a tube in the tip of the second tube, dropping a little PVA glue inside. The tube pushes the wire and draws out a tube around the object selected previously by a suitable diameter. Few presses ducts, fixing the form and remove the object.



In the middle of putting a tube and make it turn. As a result, the ends of the tube should be directed in the same direction.


Adding another tube, it will be working with us. Put it under the tip of the last round. Clothespin fix a tube to make it easier to weave more.


Working tube wrap, we hold on the first tube in the middle, and then draw out under the extreme tube.


Now, just moving, winding all the tube, only this time in the opposite direction. As required lengthen our working tube. It should be at least try to give weaving spoon convex rather than flat appearance. According to this principle, the spoon wrapped up the narrowing space. When we reach this point – cut off the tips of the tubes in the middle


Entwine handle spoon until we reach the desired length. At the end of a working fix glue tube, we press the clothespin. After the glue has dried prune superfluous tips of the tubes.






Stained with a spoon on your own. For staining using all that is at hand: acrylic paint (you need to do several layers), color, gouache, stain. The product can be lacquering, but this is optional. But only – not always successfully paint lie on gouache, but it depends on the type of varnish. Decorate a spoonful of newspaper tubes at its discretion. In this paper, we used: satin ribbon and artificial flowers and decorative spoon are. But placed on the spoon garlic, pepper, a handful of cereal, bagel, etc. – you get wonderful talisman with meaning