Craft Flower making

Paper gerbera

You can not imagine how useful technique in the art of quilling paper crafts. Having mastered this technique, you will be almost no barriers to the creation of any paper decor. You will only need to learn how to combine colors, apply paper strips of different widths and lengths, artfully create and apply all quilling shapes billet. These charming paper gerbera also created in quilling techniques. Do not believe me – follow step by step directions in the photos!


You will need colored paper in black and three shades of pink, combined with each other. Let’s call these colors are pale pink, pink and bright pink.

Still, you will need a green paper to simulate leaves (perfect corrugated paper). Also, prepare the wire and floral tape for a stalk.

All cooked – you can start!

So, to the core, you will need a thin strip of black color, as well as strips of pale pink and bright pink. This combination will help the best way to set off the core of our Gerbera.


Now comes the hard work: all you need to use the strips to create the effect of fringe. On the broad strips of pink color for the outer petals of this fringe is large, mimicking the shape of small long petals.

When you have finished all preparations, start to roll flower, not forgetting to immediately attach adhesive.




Follow the instructions in the photos.



When the flower is ready, decorate the back side of the leaves of corrugated paper and by means of wire and floral tape make the stem.





Beautiful gerbera technique ready!