Flower making

Paper Flower Arrangement

If you twist the nose for paper flowers it is best to review your concept and invest in this arrangement model of paper flowers that will teach to do because it is simple, yet elegant and different, which will make your environment become more cheerful and differentiated.


Tips to Make Paper Flower Arrangement

To make this lovely piece you will need:

1.Paper yellow crepe and crepe paper with the color of your choice for the flower;
3.Stick or toothpick to barbecue;
4.Vase of your choice or line ball;
6.green floral tape;
7.Petal mold (image below).


Start by cutting a small rectangle in yellow crepe paper and pasting this piece of paper on the tip of the stick or toothpick to barbecue, involving the tip.


Then cut a strip yellow crepe paper and wrap around the tip of the stick or barbecue stick that is already involved with crepe paper.


Soon after, download the template petal to the crepe paper and cut or cut petal by hand with the help of scissors, if you already have the ability to cut the petals without using a mold. But regardless of the chosen way to get the petals you must cut 12 petals to make a single flower.


Now, begin to glue the petals of a flower around the tip of the stick or toothpick is already with yellow crepe paper.


Then continue pasting the petals around the stick or toothpick, but gluing the petals interspersed with the petals have been glued previously.


Soon after, to finish your piece when finished necklace all the petals of a flower, wrap the green floral tape from the base to the bottom tip of his stick or toothpick. And you are done!