Painted clothing colors

If you came inspiration, and you want something to paint, paint the nursery or your clothes! This is a very exciting process, so call your children and let them paint their clothes themselves. Naturally, the painting will take good natural fabrics. Especially suitable are the white stuff, as they are a kind of canvas for painting. Make two versions of the painting on fabric – watermelon and flowers.


So, drawing on the fabric you will need:

1.paint on the fabric colors corresponding idea;
2.a product that will be painted;
3.a piece of oilcloth or film to cover the work surface;
4.finished decorative fabric flowers or for their manufacture;
5.double-sided adhesive paper.


Option 1: Watermelon.

Step 1: Wetting the product completely with water. Good squeeze and smoothes on the work surface. Do not forget to cover the oilcloth table. On a wet cloth, paint falls interesting stains and sparingly used.


Step 2: Begin to put a dot on the fabric paint. If the paint in powder, then dilute it with water and shake the bottle well.


Step 3: Apply the pink dye on fabric so that the gaps were white, it’s a watermelon! The lower part of the product paints the green paint.

Step 4: Making seeds. The fully dry the product we put black ink droplets. Give dry.


Option 2. Flowers.


Step 1: Soak the cloth. Apply green paint outlines of the stems and leaves of flowers. Pink paint flower buds. Apply the paint dot, carefully, as paint quickly spread through the wet fabric.


Step 2. From the appropriate tissue cut out flowers or take readily.



Step 3. unstick an adhesive tape from the paper and fasten flowers.


Step 4: Cut flowers on the circuit. Peel off the film and glue the flowers on the fabric.


Finishing touches add markers – voila!