Niches with flowers Decorative

Make decorative niches with flowers to redecorate your living spaces. Choose your favorite style and create their pieces.


Niches options with decorative flowers

To make this craft you will need:

1.wooden niches or niches made from the material of your choice, and maybe even a cardboard box;
2.Drill with specific drill to drill wood;
3.common brush;
4.floral foam;
5.common scissors;
6.Hot glue pistol;
7.Card of your own, with the style, thickness, and color of your choice;
8.artificial flowers with the colors, styles, and models of your choice;
9.acrylic paints in the colors of your choice;
10.Old paper, old paper, cardboard or plastic to paper where you will work with your piece.
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Step by step Niches with decorative flowers

Start separating all the materials you will use in your craft. Then where will you work with your piece, with old paper, old paper, cardboard or plastic? And then, paint their niche with the color of choice acrylic paint or paint each piece with a color if you prefer. If you want a stronger and more intense color, apply two or even three layers of paint, but always letting the paint dry thoroughly between one layer and another. And let the paint dry thoroughly before handling your piece again and continue with the production of his work.


Then, after the paint is completely dry, stick the part that will be the top of your niche with the help of the drill, if a wooden niche; or an awl or tip scissors, if your niche is cardboard. Make two parallel holes in the top.


Soon after, cut pieces of floral foam and paste them into your niche, with the help of hot glue gun.


Now start to set artificial flowers chosen the floral foam inside the niches.


Then to finish your piece, finish set the flowers in the niches and tie the cord to hang. And you are done!