Today we will make a basket with a beautiful spring mimosa beaded . This looks like a real basket and directly smells spring.

And such a wonderful gift will appreciate much more because it is handmade, made with love.


Materials: Beads big yellow Beads large green Wire Scissors Thick wire Plastic jar Gypsum Threads sequins Glue transparent “Moment”

Let’s start:

To begin, cut off 60 centimeters of wire, stringing 1 yellow bead and place in the middle, And we curl the ends of the wire together approximately 5-10 mm.


We then strung on one of the tails of the wire bead, fix at a distance of 4-6 mm from the place where we twisted wire. And we do the same thing on the other side, and then do one more twisting on both sides. We turned the blank out of 5 beads.


Then we make the same principle still a blank, but 3 beads.


Fold the two blanks together and twist the wire.


Then, each of the wire we do lay with bis rin kami and income until the end. At the end of the wire twist. It turns beautiful and lush sprigs of mimosa.


Such branches we make pieces 8- 10. Now make large sprigs of green beads. Cut the wire 60 centimeters and a green bead stringing, which we have in the middle and the ends of the wire bring together, put on another 3 beads.


Dilute the ends of the wire on each side make a needle of 4 beads. Ends of the wire together. We put three beads, then diluted and ends with each side making for a needle.


Then do the same principle, with each side should be 4 pins. At the end of wire, tails are twisted together.


Such branches are doing pieces 8-10.

Next, we add up all the branches of yellow beads together and twist the wire tails. Then add twigs and again twist the wire.


Let us prepare baskets: take the wire (thicker is better), as well as the capacity of plastic.


The wire is wrapped with thread, is inserted into the tank and fill it with water diluted with gypsum. Without waiting for the hardening paste niche mimosa beaded. Capacity winding threads of sequins and decorate with glue. A complement the decor lovely bow of satin ribbon.