Decoration Painting

Make hand-painted on a glass vase

I will tell you how to make a painting on a glass vase.

We need: a bowl (if you have no experience in painting the tableware, prefer a simple vase shape, with straight faces); leaf with a pattern (you can print ready, you can draw by hand, you can draw directly from the head – but this is the aerobatics); paint colors needed (in I paint on glass and ceramics, stained glass can be taken – they are more transparent); brush convenient size, if tubes of paint is not equipped with a special applicator; contour glass (my gold) and degreaser (I used the usual vodka).


So. First, you need to degrease the surface on which the image will be. Then fasten the leaf with a pattern on the inside side of the glass – he can keep himself, and you can use paper tape. On the convex parts of the vase pattern to fix difficult, I was drawing directly from the head. If it does not have enough experience or courage – just pick up the vase easier 🙂

Now you can start drawing the contour. To start recommended to check how responsive tube with a loop at the press of any rough surface to avoid accidental drops and “marriage.” When you are ready to work with a “clean copy”. We bypassed all the basic line of our pattern. Points and fine lines do not need to draw now – we’ll add them to the very end. If suddenly the line went the wrong way – do not worry, as long as it “fresh” it is easy to wipe with a cotton swab.


After complete drying circuit (usually it takes 30-40 minutes), you are ready to further work – paint over each “window” to the desired color, we will not go beyond the limits of the circuit. I am comfortable working with each color separately – first I paint over all the yellow items, then all turquoise and so on.


The paint can be applied if necessary in several layers – so the color is saturated. Each subsequent layer is applied only after complete drying of the previous one. But here, too, need to be careful – do not recommend to paint in more than two or three layers, some paints can behave unpredictably, there is a risk to spoil the work.

After all the windows painted over, I got here this vase.


As you can see, after the application of the color of our contour Linie “Lubricate”. It’s not scary. Now we come to the final stage of our work!

Again we undertake the path and began to repeat all the lines directly over the old! Drawing on the eyes becomes brighter and neater. Then you can apply decorative elements – dots, lines, patterns.

Now you just wait for the complete drying of our vases! I usually just keep the painted object in inaccessible for animals and curious people place a day or two to surely 🙂

After drying, the vase can be safely used for its intended purpose!


promise a lot of interesting!