Decoupage on shells and frame


How to make beautiful, meaningless things. In this case – the frame and the shell.

1. Prepare what will and what will Decoupage At me it is initially white frame  and shells, which I covered with white matte acrylic, for what would be drawing napkin was as beautiful as her. If the surface is not covered with white, the background is slightly translucent, so it should always be borne in mind.


2. What is a three-layer cloth ??? Plain cloth for the table at which the top layer – the beauty, and the second two bottom just white.


3. The bottom white layer I was separated immediately, and cutting pattern, and then only the second white layer was separated. So much easier to cut, and cloth is not torn. cut do not need anything for frames, so I glued the way it is, with a golden cloth background.


4. Separating the color layer cut, try on him as sitting, if not too tight)) anywhere).


5. Take an ordinary PVA glue office and I personally take a brush “Squirrel №4», dipped in glue and napkins on top in the middle of a take the first swab, and then smoothes the edges,  quickly, but gently brush should be well fluffs and crush napkin. If something somewhere in the hall – not terrible, it’s the highlight of handmade – not the machine is ideal. Napkin gets wet quickly and wrinkles, it is necessary to consider if you put on a flat surface and do not want wrinkles. Too long haul in one place is not necessary, may tear.


. We are waiting for when everything will dry up, and then I put on no place  white glossy acrylic because in the process of bonding and shell smeared and was still a bit grayish. We look forward to when dry paint and varnish sprinkle from a container that would have shown. Nail acrylic, glossy, colorless.


We are glad that happened, we dance and sing