Cushion Cover in Felt Seamless

If you have many pieces of feeling at home, to work with them, you can customize a cushion cover in seamless felt, and so renew the décor of your home and still enjoy a material that could end up in the trash.


To do this customization skins you will need:

1.Case for a pillow;
3.Felts with tone on tone, with a single color or brightly colored felts, according to your preference;
4.Ask to serve as a circle mold, with the size of your choice;
5.Cardboard or more structured role;
6.Hot glue pistol.

Start object on tracing circulate cardboard or paper in a more structured to serve as a circle template.


Then transfer this circle template for the chosen felt and cut out all pieces with the help of scissors.


Soon after, place on a surface the felt circles with the sequence of colors you want. Then measure the cushion cover, to verify that the sequence is felt circles with the correct size for the selected case.


Now apply a thick wire hot glue in the front of the cushion cover and apply the first layer of felt circles with a circle next to each other. Then continue pasting layers of circles, but interweaving circles, positioning them in the intervals of the previously glued circles. Let the glue dry well at the end.


Then to finish your piece, just put your custom cover for your pillow. And you are done!