Recycled products

Cup of pet bottle

See how to make a beautiful bowl using only PET bottle and a little of your time. Recycling is the wave at the time and in the mood to make these decorative items that can save you the hours you are most in need. So stay ligandin ha the tips and go to the step by step!


Here’s what you’ll need:

– A bottle of soda 2 liters
– Stiletto, scissors, and ruler
– flat iron plate (these used to fry bread) or even an iron
– paint relief, acrylic paint or stained varnish
– marine varnish
– Iron Pipe 3 cm in diameter (can be found at hardware stores)

Step by step
Clean the bottle

Any PET bottle may be used. You should choose the color you see fit. Wash the bottle, both inside and out. On the outside, you should use the thinner or remover to remove the expiration date printed on the plastic bottle. Take cover and set aside.

Cut the bottom


Observing the image and you should do the same, cutting the bottle. Only to be cut two parts of the bottom: the top and bottom. To perform this action, support the bottle in a table and the bottom of the object, above the base, use a stylus to make a hole in the ring section. After that, take the scissors and cut across the base of the bottle. Reserve.

Cut the top


Remake the operation, but now the brand you will make in 9 cm from the neck. Stick with the stylus and with the scissors cut the top ring.

Using the hot plate


Heat the iron plate on low heat. It also gives to use iron, it must be set to the minimum temperature. Take the bottom of the bottle you cut and separated at hand and place the end where the cut was made on the plate and turn swiftly. It is important to do well quickly this step so that the portion of the PET bottle to melt. This contact of the sheet with the cut part of the PET bottle, it causes the plastic rim turn inwards and this will finish required for the workpiece. Perform the operation again, and this time with the top of the object.

Make the rod


Heat an iron pipe for a long time and make a hole in the middle of the bottom of the bottle.

The fitting

To perform the fitting, you should have the upper hand in and fit the nozzle of the bottle in the hole in the bottom even while hot. You should test whether the piece is balanced and can stand still standing. It is good that you be attentive to the thread of the nozzle of the bottle is free of the piece (serves as the base of the cup). This is necessary because the mouth of the bottle must be capped.



To give a shine to more ornamentation, you will take the cap off the bottle that broke in the process from the beginning and it will cut about 0.5 cm, causing it to be closer, as is showing the image. Now just plug the mouth of the bottle that was turned down.



Take the brush and paint out with the relief paint, making legal standards and using different colors. If you do not have the relief ink, you can also use acrylic paint or stained varnish . To end the composition is just take a sea coat of varnish. This will give greater durability to play. Besides giving also long life painting his glass of PETs.

Pretty cool huh? I hope they can do at home as well. Hands on and enjoy!