Candlestick “Little House”


For work, we need:
1.Glasses (choose a size such that the candle does not touch the glass walls); ;
3.paints and contours at calcination;
4.auxiliary materials (liquid for degreasing surfaces, sponges, brushes, scissors, plain paper, shaped 5.punch, plastic disposable plate, double-sided tape).


1. First of all, degreased glass, so that our work has fallen off for a short time after the test when moisture and temperature changes. During degreasing solve a big problem, what do we do with glass? And do we have from it will house a symbol of comfort and harmony in the home?
2. Take a sheet of plain paper and from either the scissors or the shaped punch cut out the blanks of our windows. Cut off small pieces of double-sided tape and fasten them on paper.


3. Fix a paper on the glass (to avoid strong sticky adhesive tape and large remnants of adhesive, before the workpiece sticking to the glass, touch a couple of times to scotch finger, so it will be less sticky and then you do not have to wash the glass cleaners). Windows can be an unlimited number, I have them 4.


4. The windows there, proceed to the “construction” of our walls. To do this, we collect a sponge paint by firing the desired color and tamponed the entire surface of the glass. At the same time, try not too much comes to paper .


5. After the entire surface of the sponge is processed, remove the paper.


6. Getting started with free-slider . Cut the favorite motif of us. We fit the glass and plan to at what point we attach. We form long.


7. Prepared curb put in the water at room temperature for about 15-20 seconds. During this time, the adhesive layer to be activated.


8. Move the layer of gold pattern with the basics. An indication that free-slider phone is ready for use has an easy glide pattern, it should be moved without much effort.


9. Smooth dry with a soft cloth or paper towel same. We remove all the remaining water.


This approach can be stopped at this stage of the work, and for those who like to dream, to move on.

10. Hold the loop at an angle of 30 degrees, add point and line drawings (you can use a printed pattern, shifting his carbon copy). Also, apply the paint. In keeping with the style, I use only white and golden color, well, in general, can make a real Ukrainian hut with green red and yellow flowers.


11. The density of curls and pattern depends on your preferences. After completing the painting, we leave our cup dried. If it is baked with raw colors and contours, they can go to the bubbles! Work should stand for at least guarantee 12 hours and then put our house in a cold oven and turn it on the temperature conditions indicated by your colors (from different manufacturers at different temperatures, the average is 130-160 degrees. Time will also be different.


Shut down and cooled, admire, rejoice!