Who would want to repeat, keep in mind – not a quick process. It took me almost 2 weeks. Time-consuming, but very interesting.


toilet paper
PVA glue
acrylic plaster
acrylic primer
one-step crackle lacquer
Stages of work:

1. Inflate the balloon.
2. Cut the paper into small squares.
3. Coat with glue on the parts surface of the ball and stick the newspaper boxes. To better glued on top still, have glue.
4. Make 3-4 layers and leave to dry for a day. I hung a ball of string to the handle of the door ajar suspended kitchen cabinet.
5. 3-4 glue layer, again leaves for a day.
6. Gently, do not blow the ball quickly. You will remain quite a strong clamor of the newspapers in the form of eggs. With blunt cut the bottom side (I put the cup around a pencil and cut with a knife Prototyping).



7. Make the bottom. Glue 5-6 layers of newspaper, cut a circle with a diameter equal to the carved bottom. More 3-glued layers cut a circle with a diameter of more than 5 cm. Glue the circles to each other, a large incision in several places, to glue the design to the vase.


8. Mark the location of the flowers. I cut lily, outlined the contour pencil (still the job of work outline a thin cloth, which slides and tries to move). Then, so you do not get lost on the back of lily numbered in pencil (very weak, so the number is not manifested during gluing) and the same number painted on the inside of the vase.
I advise you, if you want the edge of the vase repeating pattern, like me, do not take an extra napkin (I have it, unfortunately, was not, after the competition realized that it was possible to wipe outset in black and white and the copy to use as a template when cutting.). Cut out all the pictures in 2 copies, one drawing a stick and cut it. It will be much more accurate.
9. Cut along the contour edge and make random holes 2-3 on the vase. I alternated work with scissors and knife Prototyping.
10. Tape 4 more layers of toilet paper, torn into pieces. Especially carefully glue sections, with a bend. I did 2 layers on the outside and 2 inside. The paper adds fortress structure, moreover, it is better than the newspaper goes to putty. Dry.


11. Acrylic sealer coat with a finger bowl. Dub surface is the very convenient wet finger.


12. When dry cloth lightly trim. The ideal surface did not work, but I, frankly, it never sought.
13. Then everything is simple – primer paint orange (I had gouache), and attach to depict flowers, nail-crackle-step, without going to a place where there will be a napkin, brown paint (also about drawing borders). Inside the vase – a primer and 2 orange paint.



14. Stick the cloth, adjust the orange and green paint. I trace the contours of the thin brush and paint to the center. It turned out bright and expressive Brawley.


5. The next step, in my view, was superfluous. I tried entire vase with gold paint. Crackle has become softer and expressive and lay the tone is not very smooth.
16. The last step – favorite activity  – nail and skin alternately to give aesthetic pleasure.