Doing their own hands candlestick


Soon begins the holiday season. And we always try to decorate the veranda, where there is a table and on weekends, in the evenings going to the sea friends. While the street is bad weather, I decided to prepare a new accessory for summer feasts! This candle can decorate not only the dacha arbor but also children, living room, and any other room. Everything will depend on the subjects you are on it, place and tone. So we begin to implement: Take the empty jar (from tomato paste, infant formula, peas, corn), in general, everything that would be right at your fingertips Making it a lot of small holes, my candle to give and I decided to dig holes by hand with an awl (but who will be on hand drill get much nicer and neater, you can put a pencil drawing, and the contour figured to saw holes ornament) Next degreased base with alcohol and causes the soil in the form of white paint, I inflicted aqueous emulsion of white color, you can replace it with acrylic. When the paint is dry, take a napkin with the pleasant picture, separate the uppermost third layer. Applying it to the base and top of the napkin inflict PVA glue lightly diluted with water, smooth all formed folds.  Acrylic paints everything necessary in order that the composition was finished. We lower our candlestick candle and lights, turn off the lights and the whole room was like a dance floor, he is buried in the small glowing flames coming through the holes we have sawn. Believe me, getting around is very beautiful. Unfortunately, it is impossible to photograph all this beauty! Probably need professional equipment!