Beading Decoration

Create beautiful forget-me-Bead


A lot has revised the Internet, but nothing worthwhile for themselves is not found. Yellowish beads did not want to neatly go to the center. So through trial and error I have turned flower. Perhaps, on the expanses of the Internet, and there’s something like that, and I repeat, but I have not found. Therefore I propose its own version. So there you go.
For we need a flower beads blue (my Chinese №8) and yellow №11 for midway. Wire of 0.3 mm.


Cut a piece of wire length of 12-14 cm.


We put on the wire bead 1 blue, one yellow and three blue.


Then skip the one end of the wire in the first blue bead.





Next to the end of the wire that we dragged, we put on another 2 blue beads.


And threaded working end of the wire to the blue bead, as shown in the photo.


Tighten and get a flower.


Then Fold the two ends of the wire from the back side of the flower and curl


Get here are the flowers.



Further, as shown, are strung on wire 4 green beads (№11) – it will be like a flower stem. Such zagotovochek one large flower need of 11-15 pieces.


We form buds and blossoms, winding their floras, tape or thread green.


Putting it to your liking, different buds. After all, flowers are different.


Now do the leaves, large and small. In the photo a large piece of paper. He weaves on the French technique. On the central axis 12 put on beads and make two complete circles around a central axis, trying to make a pointed tip. This I will not describe, on the Internet there are a lot of things on this subject. Leves I collected on thicker wire 0.5mm, stronger than they are obtained, but it is possible, and 0.3 mm.


And small leaves just put on 12 beads on a central axis, and do one full circle around a central axis. The large flower we need 1-2 large leaves and 2-4 young. Depending on your imagination.


And it is ready to flower. On the stem near the inflorescences we fasten small leaves, and below high. All primatyvaem Flor green tape or thread.



Flowers planted in the form filled in with plaster, then pulled out and painted stand. On top of the glue pasted tea brew, to simulate the ground. You can arrange the composition in any of a beautiful vase or pot.


He served as inspiration here this picture.