Decoration Felting

Room decorate with butterflies felt

Beautiful and very colorful, we can make this  butterflies felt for our baby ‘s room, bigger our kids and also to decorate any room in an original way and with lots of colors.

Butterflies are adored by many and are always chosen for all kinds of crafts . We can combine in a single  different design of butterflies, or use just one.


Prepare these materials to make this mobile

1. Colored felt.
2. Scissors.
3. Egyptian thick thread or string type.
4. Circular wooden frame, can be used for embroidery.
5.thick needle.

To make this craft, we can make small changes in any of the steps, especially with butterflies .

First we must decide whether we will all use the same butterflies or more than one design. Then I leave three designs that seemed suitable for this job. They can choose between them, or they can prepare your own pattern.

2Pattern # 1


Pattern 2

4pattern 3

With the above ready, we can start to work. We must choose long we want number of butterflies that need.

We mark and cut butterflies and prepare the thick thread the needle. To assemble the different strips, we must unite the thread butterflies. This is where we can do it in different ways. First way: pass the thread through the center of butterflies, knotting under each of them to not move the place assigned. Second way: before passing the thread, we make a small fold horizontally in the center of the butterflies , sew each and then joined by the center to assemble the strips. Thus butterflies will be suspended and the sensation of flying. So as seen in the photograph.

Once selected how to assemble each of the strips , the prepared, the fixed to the wooden frame and with the same thread of each of the strips continue towards the top, tied together and already have all ready to hang it and enjoy it.

Beautiful is not it?