Jewellery Making

Earrings beaded with crystals “Aquamarine”


Today we will focus on large crystals Swarovski jewelry faceting. Last time, we learned to use in embroidery

Materials and tools :

round Beads Miyuki 15/0.
Beads Delica 11/0.
Thread: Kapron, polyester or Fireline.
Beaded Needle size 12 or 15.
Swarovski crystals Drops 18x13mm.
Shvenza silver.
So, let’s begin! At this time we will again use the trick for those who prefer to weave a double strand. Those who spins on one strand – the beginning of the use of weaving in MK “

Braided with beads of all shapes and sizes” 1. threaded both ends of the thread in the needle and tie knots at each end, and there they leave not slip through the hole bead needle:


2. Recruit 39 beads Delica . Thread the needle and thread through what is considered a “tail” tighten the noose, beads catch up to each other and we get a bead circle without any ends of the threads that need somewhere to hide.


3. Propletaem mosaic braided row. Since we had scored an odd number of beads, at the end of the remaining two beads, not one, as usual.


4. Propletaem mosaic of the second row.


5. When he reached the two single beads of the first row, add a couple of them 🙂


6. Add a third series of tiled. If you straighten the future a sharp corner of the droplets, it looks like this:


7. Form a sharp drop area: between the four loose beads past rows insert a round bead size 11 or 15th. First, insert it between the two beads of the first row, and then turn around and pass a thread through it the same in the second row so that she sat in the middle. The photo of four cylindrical beads highlighted in blue, and the added round – red.


8. Print the thread on one side (at the moment they have to be absolutely identical) and silver round beads 15th the size of the mosaic weave series.


9. In one corner of the insert round bead, contractible.


10. Scourge of the second series of mosaic round silver beads, do not forget to pull.


11. Already you can begin to try crystals created a frame 🙂


A small nuance area due to the completion or completion of the second mosaic series (the last two beads) can be issued in two variants, witty, or smoother, choose to your taste:



I chose blue as a result of crystal Aquamarine colors.


12 . Begin braid inside out. We print the string for the back side of the crystal.


13. Entangling underside can be a variety of ways, but basically, they boil down to two basic: openwork or solid mosaic with the decrease in the number of beads, I’ll show tracery option similar to the braiding inside outRivoli. First two series of round mosaic beaded 15th size. First:


14 . Second, contractible.


15. Starting from the corner of 15th recruit 5 beads size and weave them through the two beads of the last row. Get 6 “fives”. Print the thread in the top five.


16. On the heights of the previous fives dials the next number in this sequence: 5 beads, 3, 3, 3, 5 and 1. The thread is at the top of the top five.


Another photo of this series:


17. And the last number 🙂 After the top of the last number in the following order: 3, 1, 1, 3, 1. Moreover, notice two triples in this series have a common central bead (highlighted in red). The entire last row is highlighted in blue.


Here is a general view:


18. Print the thread in the acute corner bead, which we added in step 7, 4 recruit silver round beads and hung on earring fastener. The tip of the thread is tangled in a mosaic and cut the netting.


We get such classic earrings-drops:




Cunning double thread does not forget to enjoy prolonging ending thread, no tails it does not have anywhere to hide, as a tail or not.

Enjoy your creativity!