Flower pot of plastic packaging

For work, we need a bank of the plastic under the ice-cream, twine, ribbon satin scissors, super glue and wooden ladybug.

Here, delicious ice cream was eaten (do not count them as advertising), and the bank to throw hand is not raised, then we will make of it a nice utility for the house!

First, you need to make holes in the bottom for drainage. It can be a knife or a screwdriver.


Take twine, tying it at the bottom of the banks and begin to wrap tightly.


That is, in the end, you should get.


Then take a beautiful satin ribbon, scissors, and super glue.


Tries on how many tapes we need banks to bottom, cut, putting a tight and glue in one place, otherwise will remain unsightly traces of adhesive. On top of simply putting a belt tightly fastened on the bow, without the use of glue. I even taped a ladybird for greater prettiness 🙂 That’s what happened!


We stayed on the ice cream is also a wonderful cap, it is also the pan pot. We take the same satin ribbon, try on, cut, putting a tight and just sticking to superglue in only one place. And here’s the result 🙂


In fact, all the leaves 15-20 minutes. Thank you for attention