Create a meal “Orange Sun”: we create in glass fusing technique


I want to show how to create a decorative dish .

The process itself is quite time-consuming and requires certain skills of working with glass. Production time – two days , with two or three hours, takes glass cutting and layout of products, while the rest goes to bake in the oven for fusing two stages.

Now, in order.

So, for the production we need :

– Glass fusing lemon yellow, and red;

– Glass lathe;

– Glass cutter;

– Clippers;

– Zag-zag;

– Compass-glass cutter;

– A marker, pencil;

– Glue BF-6;

– Sketch;

– Gypsum deep round shape.


From yellow glass cut into strips arbitrary. Length from 2 to 12 cm. The width in the range of 5-7 mm. We use a glass cutter to cut, break off pieces of wire cutters. We work carefully, observing safety precautions. The main thing is not afraid of the glass, then it obeys 🙂 And to work in a good mood, everything will turn out exactly 🙂


With the help of a compass-glass cutter cut out a circle of glass with a diameter of 30 cm. By this device, it is necessary to get used to, but it helps out great! Describe how it is working hard for me, better take off video clip for those who want 🙂

The circle is to grind the perimeter of the machine so that when the work is not to cut yourself and remove indent if they appeared.

Now you can start calculations.


Circle, paradoxically, is cut out of square pieces 🙂 always remain, which can be used in our product. Waste-free production!



Stripes are not going to grind, they smoothed out during baking. It is important to make sure that there are no traces of the marker or obvious contamination. It can be secured with glue stripes adjacent to the edge. It happens that in the furnace Circuits “escape” after their own will.

Now it is necessary to add color.


From these pieces of stripes cut into a smaller length of 2-5 cm. Usually, in a jar with scraps are always suitable fragments 🙂 We spread our meal, checking the cleanliness of parts.


In the center add very small pieces, if necessary, and creative inspiration distributes them over the surface.

Then send future developments in the oven dish. There, it is warmed gently for 2 hours at a temperature of 570 degrees for one hour then the temperature is raised to 770 degrees 15 minutes as kept. During this time, the glass is melted to a liquid state and is becoming a solid formation. The next stage – a gradual decrease in temperature and cooling to 40-50 degrees when the oven is opened.

If you open up the oven for heating stage, you can see red molten piece of glass and feel the full heat of the oven for yourself 🙂 If you open at the stage of natural cooling, it can cause stress in the glass and it will burst 🙁

Therefore, after 12 hours of the open calm oven, wipe the glass and the stone dust on which it is baked, rinse with water and admire … Let me remind you, the size of our “orange” – 30 cm 🙂


The next stage of work – is the baking form. Forms for plates made of plaster, they come in different sizes, and bumps. Glass is placed on top of the form. Again, the oven is turned on. The mode is easier so that the glass is softened and swollen form. After 10 hours, again opening the oven, rinse the product and bear photographed.







I do not know about you, but I was very pleased with the result! Glass is bathed in sunlight and glows even on a cloudy day.

The shape is ideal for supplying fruit, just to decorate the table. The surface has turned out quite a relief, it is pleasant to stroke his hand. At the same time, easy to rinse with water.

Product name often comes after … To some, it will recall delicious fruit, someone warm sun … Let it be “orange sun”.

Thank you for watching!