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11 tricks for a quick home manicure! What a pity that they have not caught me before …

To make a beautiful and simple manicure at home, you do not need to spend a lot of time and effort. “! So just” convinced that it is the power of all. The main thing – to approach the matter creatively and with inspiration!

All of our readers already know that you can instantly dry the varnish if you omit the newly painted nails in a bowl of ice water. We also talked about how to avoid staining the cuticle while painting nails: simply applied to the skin around the nail PVA glue. Hopefully, tricks suggested below will not be less useful!

Quick manicure

Glass nail file – chic tool! If you exfoliate your nails or nail plate has uneven terrain, such nail file would help correct these defects. In addition, it can be easily cleaned and disinfected.


If you accidentally hit the nail on the cuticle, very convenient to clean up pollution fine brush dipped in nail polish remover. As such, you can use an old brush of eyeliner or slightly cut the usual brush for applying nail polish.


The scheme for a fast and highly accurate manicure! Always helps me. Make up your nails so you can save time and do not get their hands dirty. Before you apply varnish, wipe nails with lemon juice – this will strengthen and whiten them.


The original manicure in 5 minutes!


Such patterns are popular right now, they look like exquisite drawings of henna. Using an old, discolored alcohol pen instead of a brush-like beauty can make one!


Another version of the elegant, but quite a simple drawing!


With the help of adhesive tape can achieve this interesting effect. Half the matte nail is, if the usual lacquer painted area you glue the tape, you wait for a little and you take off it. Delicious and easy!


Make a simple manicure, but it looks great! Just a few brush strokes.


Adhesive tape will help to make the original bi-colored nails. The idea in a million! I paint your nails, wait until the paint dries, the top paste the scotch tape and cover the nail varnish contrasting shade. A feast for the eyes …


Thin strips of adhesive tape to help establish a representative geometric design!


A more sophisticated version, but it looks so cool!


Manicured hands of a woman decorated with gold bracelets not worse … Do not forget to whiten and strengthen nails with lemon, you can use not only the lemon juice and zest. Effect – super!

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